Jeffery Weatherington



Constable Weatherington wears the blue uniform of the North West Mounted Police at all times, complete with trademark striped black pants and white pith helmet. He takes his responsibilities very seriously and is extremely loyal to those he befriends and the crown he serves. He is a very proud man, which is reflected in his care for his uniform and other equipment. His boots are as spitshined as he can manage given his environment, and his tunic is always buttoned. Jeffrey’s only concession to his surroundings are a pair of non-regulation quick-draw holsters for his twin Peacekeepers and a long trailduster to keep his uniform clean. Jeffrey travels with a pie-eyed stallion he affectionately calls “Freddie.” Freddie is usually loaded down with two saddle bags of trail rations, rope, extra ammunition, canteens and Jeffrey’s Winchester rifle. Freddie’s life is hard, but he seems to genuinely like Jeffrey’s company.


Jeffery Weatherington

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