Deadlands: The Early Years

Enter the Padre

Knowing that my time to shuffle off this mortal coil may soon be at hand, I spent most of the day in church, doin’ an honest day’s work mendin’ broke thangs and whitewashin’. In the course of doin’ so, I met Reverend Cantrell. He’s a carpet-bagger from Connecticut, but better’n most. He says he’s not related to Quantrill and his band o’ bandits, but I think it’d be best just ta call ’im Padre around most folks anywhere near Kansas.

The Padre mentioned goin’ west ta save souls, and I told him about the auto-engine. At least this way we’ll have a man of God lookin’ out for us, and I’ll have somebody to discuss the good book with besides pa.

A New Job

I was done with the cattle drive, for which I was paid $50 in gold, and offered a fine hoss as the balance for my work. The catch was that I needed to go to the ranch and pick the hoss up, and the ranch was in Colorado.

After some lookin’ about (and $12 dollars spent on just livin’ in the city), I chanced on a man offerin’ a unique position. For want of my new hoss, I took on a new “job” for a company called Hellstromme Industries. The work, if you can call it that, was to take a ride to Colorado for ‘em in their new-fangled ‘auto-engine’.

According to the representative, the device is said to be as fast as a hoss and buggy without a hoss involved. The catch is that this is a new model, and it ain’t exaclty got all the problems worked out yet. So, what they want in return for my passage is my thoughts and feelin’s about the ride – so they can make it better on the next model.

4 JUL 63 - Where We Were

It was a saturday…

After speaking a piece with the rest of the posse, I found that most of them found common ground at a tavern-town and railhead named Gettysburg in Pennsylvania, back east. Apparently, most of ‘em were there with the Union for a battle with the Army of Northern Virginia.

As for me, this was the day I headed out from Dallas, off to Jesse Chisholm’s string of tradin’ posts north on a long drive from San Antonio to Saint Louis.


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