Legend and rumor have long surrounded the town of Prosperity. Some say the town is the site of buried Indian gold, others say it has some desperado’s hidden loot squirreled away in one of its many corners, yet more claim a forgotten crypt below the church holds jewel-encrusted relics. One thing they all agree on is somewhere in the town is treasures to be found: treasure that attracts adventurers, cowboys, and ne’erdo-wells.
Prosperity is, ironically, an eerily deserted ghost town. The sun is just starting to set, as the posse approach the town, when the silence of the dead town is shattered by somebody screaming as if in mortal agony.
After the grim discovery that was the town sawbones’s place and “Max” the posse turns its attention on getting this new-fangled steam coach heading north toward Denver where they can be rid of it, despite some of the posse becoming “attached to it”. The Hellstrom Research LTD., the developers of this technologic wonder will be most interested in their opinions.
While in Denver the posse notices a few strange occurrences’ surrounding a particular older widows home (like it’s not there anymore). While looking into this oddity, they discover they are not far from the Collegium of Arts and Sciences a strange place of research and enlightenment where one of the posse has an unannounced job waiting for him it seem he is from a school of technology just founded in Cambridge, Massachusetts called aptly enough The Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MIT for short. It’s rumored to be a well-funded and high society institution for learning only time will tell if they are worth there salt. Anyways the posse after doing some much needed supply and cloths shopping. Decides to purchase some transportation in the form of a buckboard, and 8 Horses and heads off to the Collegium, more on that later…

Deadlands: The Early Years

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